Vancouver Halloween Parade and Expo is a festival delivered by Vancouver International Halloween Festival Society, an arts charity, and founded by the social service division of International Health Council, in collaboration with local artists, artisans and performers. Over 1000 volunteers have donated their time and skills to the festival since 2014.

Costume Regulation

Public safety is our first priority. The following rules and regulations are strictly enforced during the festival.

  • No blood or gore (zombies are welcome but no blood please).
  • No hateful costume or body parts.
  • No metal weapon or sharp object (please use plastic or wood).
  • No replica gun (please use toys significantly smaller or larger than the real version).
  • No nudity or adult material
  • No firecracker or explosive.

Artistic Vision

We present and produce dances, music, performances and visual arts in fantasy. The methods we use include adopting costumes and/or props to represent the objects not existing in the real life. Halloween is the festival of fantasy and we present and produce arts in fantasy for this celebration. The myth from diverse cultures, fantasy films, comics, anime and video games influence the arts in fantasy the most, and we want the public to develop intercultural understanding by engaging themselves with our artists at Vancouver Halloween Parade and Expo.


Please donate to support our artists to carry Halloween in family-friendly and healthy direction, and continue making the Parade a free event for the general public.

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The parade is free for spectators. Don't miss the complete three day festival. See Event Schedule and Location.


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