Artist, Dancer, Performer, Musician Submission

With thousands of spectators coming to our event, the Halloween Expo is a powerful presenting and marketing platform for professional artists. For example, we provide:

  • artist cash grant to support your performance on the stage or on the parade (the amount is based on length and number of performers):
  • exhibition spaces for visual artists;
  • audio/video equipment, stage and performance time for dancers, performers or musicians;
  • workshops to promote your work and recruit students.

We encourage professional dancers, performers, visual artists and musicians from diverse community backgrounds to present your work at the Expo. Please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch with you.


Please submit before August 31.

Artistic Vision

We present and produce dances, music, performances and visual arts in fantasy. The methods we use include adopting costumes and/or props to represent the objects not existing in the real life. Halloween is the festival of fantasy and we present and produce arts in fantasy for this celebration. The myth from diverse cultures, fantasy films, comics, anime and video games influence the arts in fantasy the most, and we want the public to develop intercultural understanding by engaging themselves with our artists at Vancouver Halloween Parade and Expo.

Costume and Prop Regulations

Public safety is our first priority and this is a family-friendly festival. The following rules and regulations are strictly enforced during the festival.

  • No blood or gore.
  • No hateful costume or body parts.
  • No firecracker or explosive.
  • No sharp weapon (please use plastic or wood, if you have to use metal, please cover the sharp blade or tip).
  • No replica gun (please use toys significantly smaller or larger than the real version).
  • No nudity


An artist is considered to be a professional if you:

  • have completed your basic education, which may have been an apprenticeship or internship, instruction from elders, study at an art school or university, or other forms of guided learning (not necessarily in academic institutions);
  • have produced an independent body of work;
  • are recognized by your peers through public presentation of work; and
  • would, if it were feasible, work full-time at your art practice.
  • have at least three public presentations over a three-year period.
  • have maintained an independent professional practice for at least three years.
  • dancers, musicians and performing artists are required to produce a minimum 45 minute performance.


  • For dancers, musicians and performers, if you are not able to produce 45 minute performance, please apply for Halloween's Got Talent.
  • For visual artitsts, if you do not present your own work, or focus on selling commercial photocopies instead of hand crafted original drawings, please Apply as a Vendor.


If you are a visiting artist and travelling to Vancouver, please apply for Travel Grant from Canada Council for the Arts

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Please briefly describe your artworks or performance and how it's related to comics, anime or cultural mythologies (Tips for musicians: If it's not convenient to add costumes or props during your performance, you can also consider playing a few music from your favourite comics, anime or mythology films).

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By submitting this form, you agree that your photos, video and soundtrack may be used to promote your performance during the festival.



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