Rules and Regulations


The first priority of the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Halloween Parade & Expo Committee is to ensure the safety of all parade spectators, activities, participants, staffs, contractors and volunteers. All parties must comply with local safety and health regulations.

At least two safety people are required to walk with every vehicle, animal and float entry, i.e. one safety person on the left hand side and the other on the right hand side of the entry along the parade route, except marching or walking entry participants over the age of eighteen, as well as police, fire, ambulance and safety professionals.

Assembly Area

All entries must finish registration and be in position by 11:00 am, Sunday Oct 13, 2019. Any entry that does not arrive in time will not receive a refund.


Theme must be family friendly.

  • No blood or gore (zombies are welcome but no blood please).
  • No hateful costume or body parts.
  • No metal weapon or sharp object (please use plastic).
  • No replica gun (please use toys significantly smaller or larger than the real version).
  • No nudity


Music must be family friendly. We encourage all groups to play music, e.g. band, mp3, speaker.


No handout or candy is allowed unless your group receives approval from the parade committee.


  • To hand out approved promotional materials, it must be done person-to-person only.
  • For your better marketing, we suggest giving something valuable, e.g. coupon attached to something, pen, souvenir, deco. Plain handouts with no value are typically thrown away.

Not Allowed

  • No throw: No item can be thrown into the crowd.
  • No ticket sales or solicitation for cash
  • Unless the handouts are physically attached to something (e.g. a mask or a pen), paper handouts are not permitted as to abide by the City of Vancouver's Green City initiative.

Speed and Distance

All Entries, must be physically able to maintain walking speed along the parade route. Minimum distance of 30 feet (10 meters) must be maintained between parade units as instructed by the Parade Marshals.

Maximum 2 minute stop at every intersection is allowed for demonstrating your performance or exhibition.

Forward motion must be maintained between intersections.


All vehicles participating in the parade must be decorated, or carry people in costumes.


Maximum size: 13' (4 m) in width, 32' (10 m) in length, 13' (4 m) in height

Children on floats must be supervised by an adult.

Music on the floats is encouraged and the selections must be family friendly.

Float must be safe and reliable. The driver must be aware of that there are passengers on board and their safety is a top priority at all times.

Fire extinguisher must be equipped for floats with generators or other possible fire hazards.


If your have horses or live animals, a person walking after your entry is required for cleaning up along the parade route.

Exit and Dispersal

No premature exiting along the parade route.

All groups must follow organizer's instructions and directions throughout the parade. Music needs to be stopped immediately once entry has entered the dispersal area.


An entry must conform to the parade's rules and regulations to be accepted into the parade.

The Vancouver Halloween Parade & Expo Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse any application or participation. Parade applicants will receive email notice of approval to participate in the parade prior to the event.

Entry Refusal

If an entry does not meet parade guidelines or differs from its approved entry form, the approved entry may be refused on parade day.

Application Deadline

Application and parade entry fee must be submitted to the parade office on or before Monday Sep 25, 2023.


  • The Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for their property, including any and all loss, theft, or damage to displays, equipment and other property while on the premises of the Event.
  • All property will remain under the custody and control of the Exhibitor in transit to and from the Event, within the Event, or within the confines of the purchased space.
  • The Exhibitor hereby waives any demand or claim it may have against the City of Vancouver and the International Health Council including its Directors, Employees, Contractors, and Volunteers.
  • All equestrian units and motorized units are required to have evidence of liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage. Please have your broker/provider forward to you a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

Promotional Materials

By joining the Vancouver Halloween Parade, the Exhibitor and all the participants of the Exhibitor grant full permission to any and all the photography, logo, videos, motion pictures, recordings or any other record for the event promotional purposes without compensation.


Have read, understood and will abide by the above Rules and Regulations of the parade.


The parade is free for spectators. Don't miss the complete three day festival. See Event Schedule and Location.


Vancouver International Halloween Festival Society

By participating in this event, you agree that your image or video may be used for event promotional purpose.
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