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Canada's largest arts and fantasy festival!

Mandate: To develop arts & culture and reduce blood and gore themes so that Halloween can be carried for youth in safe, family friendly and healthy lifestyle.

Why Sponsoring?

Major Audiences

  • 100,000+ spectators on site
  • 1,360,000+ visitors online
  • Families with kids
  • Young generations of age 18-35
  • Volunteers 2000+


By bundling your brand with us, you build real life experience for people, which leaves much stronger impression comparing to plain Ad. People remember what they experienced. They love to share for you on Facebook and YouTube. Show your real products and services to people instead of a photo on plain Ad.


People love to participate in fun events. It's much easier to promote something fun than selling something boring. How can you engage people with a plain Ad?



Spectators flushed to Downtown Vancouver to catch the parade.

Join the Parade

Display your mascot and brand on the parade, Interact with the crowd and give them your promotional materials and samples.

Photo credit: GoToVan, Fredrik Salomosson

Join the Parade

Join the Expo

Rent exhibition booth to show your real products and services to the public!

Use your gift bags as awards to Cosplayers!

Get Vendor's Booth

Customized Sponsorship

We provide title sponsor, presenting partner and customized sponsorship opportunities to meet your requirement. To request a sponsorship package, please contact us via email:

[email protected]


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