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Vancouver to Host the 3rd Halloween Parade & Expo Oct 13-16, 2016

September 15, 2016

Vancouver, BC: Vancouver will host the 3rd Halloween Parade and Expo from Oct 13 to 16 in 2016.

Vancouver Halloween Parade and Expo is an annual four-day festival with performing arts and exhibition. On Thursday and Friday, Oct 13-14 (7PM-9:30PM), the performing arts are held at Tom Lee Music Hall (929 Granville St). On Saturday and Sunday, Oct 15-16 (12PM-8PM), the performing arts and exhibition are at UBC Robson Square (800 Robson St), featuring exhibitors in arts, cosplay, comics, anime, games, and makeup.

Starting at 11 AM on Sunday, Oct 16, the grand Halloween Parade turns downtown Vancouver into the World's largest Cosplay stage. The parade starts on Howe St (Drake to Smithe), Smithe St (Howe to Granville) and Granville St (Smithe to Davie). It's the time when superheroes and supernaturals from films, comics, anime, and games are all summoned alive.

The festival opens to everyone and attracted nearly 100,000 spectators last year, and welcomes artists, exhibitors, and vendors to join the festival.

Unlike the other Halloween events, Vancouver Halloween Parade and Expo went to a different direction to promote family friendly Halloween. The festival presents and produces arts, visual arts, dances and performances from diverse communities while reducing blood and gore themes to celebrate Halloween in family-friendly direction. Vancouver Halloween Parade and Expo is organized by a local non-profit organization, Vancouver International Halloween Festival Society.

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The parade is free for spectators. Don't miss the complete three day festival. See Event Schedule and Location.


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