Tranform yourself on the World's Largest Cosplay Stage

Cosplayer: Kris Belonio as Goku, Ghostbusters BC, 501st Legion, Photo credit: GoToVan

Is your costume homemade?

Yes: You do not need a ticket if at least 70% of your costume is homemade. In addition, we provide cash to support your homemade costume: Apply as Cosplayer

No: To show your purchased costume on the Halloween parade, you'll need a Super Pass.

Online: $20
At door: $25

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With the Super Pass, you receive:

  • Access to all ticketed performances.
  • Access to Cosplay Exhibition.
  • Access to Cosplay Maid Café.
  • Optional entry to join the Parade if you have a costume.


All parade participants must come to the Halloween Expo to pick up the Super Pass, which identifies you for parade participation.

You may come to these locations to pick up the Super Pass:

  • Oct 12 Thu, 7 PM - 9 PM: 800 Robson St (The stage between Robson St and Howe St), Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3
  • Oct 13 Fri, 12 PM - 8 PM: 800 Robson St (The stage between Robson St and Howe St), Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3
  • Oct 14 Sat, 12 PM - 8 PM: UBC Robson Square Downtown, 800 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3B7
Vancouver Halloween parade

Parade Day

  • Time: All participants must arrive at the assembly area before 10:30 AM Sunday Oct 15.
  • Location: The Parade Assembly Area is at at the front of 788 Drake St, Vancouver (intersection between Drake St and Howe St).
  • If you didn't form a team, feel free to look for characters from the same character origin (e.g. Avengers, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon) and walk together.
  • Remember to peel off and stick the Super Pass/Parade Ticket on you, or use a safety pin to attach it.
  • Please arrive in time! The parade will start without waiting.

Costume Policy, Rules and Regulations

This is a family-friendly event. Public safety is our first priority. The following rules and regulations are strictly enforced on costumes.

  • No blood or gore (zombies are welcome but no blood please).
  • No hateful costume or body parts.
  • No metal weapon or sharp object (please use plastic or wood).
  • No replica gun (please use toys significantly smaller or larger than the real version).
  • No nudity or adult material
  • No firecracker or explosive.


The parade is free for spectators. Don't miss the complete four day festival. See Event Schedule and Location.


Vancouver International Halloween Festival Society

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